A note from Colin

Hi Wuggers

Just to say thank you all who attended last night’s meeting.  In the words of Frankie Vallie, “Oh what a night”.  We found ourselves devoid of a “musical director”! and to say a pressed man is better than a volunteer, well I don’t know about that.
I think we managed to complete the play list, although the running order was somewhat random.
We welcomed 4/5 new players and I am sure they were in no doubt that having fun is the WUGS philosophy .  In fact during one number Valerie was laughing so much she had to stop playing, I only hope the tears in her eyes were of happiness rather than despair.
Having played a few additional requested songs the session finished with a resounding “Rock around the clock” at 21.10!!
I hope you all enjoyed it.  See you next time.
Happy strumming