Wuggers digital get-together

Hello Wuggers!
Hope you are all doing well in these strange times. We would like to bring some continuity to your life by continuing with our WUG meetings online.

To take part in the club meeting next Tuesday, you will have to download the ZOOM app which is free. Instructions for downloading are below.

I have to say that even I was able to complete this download and I am not necessarily tech-savvy so if I can, you should be able to as well. Because we shall communicate with each other via our computers when playing our songs, those club members who use tablets for their music will either have to return to paper copies or download the app to their tablet. I have just 5 songs for you to prepare for this first session and obviously club members who use tablets for their music could perhaps print these for Tuesday if they do not have the original copies. The songs are from the favourites song book as follows:-

1. Bad Moon Rising; 2. Day Dream Believer; 3. Eight Days a Week; 4. Urban Spaceman; 5. King of the Road.

We are allowed just 40 minutes of time FREE per meeting so I suspect that the setting up and familiarisation process will take some time before we even start playing and then these 5 songs will fill the time. If not then we can possibly choose other songs from the favourites or repeat some of the above 5 songs.

Here is a guide to downloading and using the Zoom app on to your laptop or home computer:


This link will take you to the Zoom download website: https://zoom.us/support/download 

If you want to download the app onto your tablet, click this link:  zoom.videomeetings

We look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it again on Tuesday!